Circle Pattern FACE MASK Tutorial with FILTER POCKET (EASY for BEGINNER SEWER Face Mask!)

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Learn how to make face mask with plate or how to sew face mask at home easy with elastic with this circle face mask pattern for beginners. This best fit face mask is suitable for beginner face mask sewer. You can use any fabric to make this plate face mask as long as you're comfortable with this DIY fabric face mask for beginners. The size for this easy face mask tutorial for beginners suits me, but you can modify the size to make this beginner face mask suits you. If you don’t have a sewing machine to DIY sew fabric face mask, you can always hand sew fabric mask or hand stitch face mask. Sewing a face mask for beginners and sewing a mask for dummies at home is so easy and fun especially with easy DIY round face mask pattern!

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