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After a customer got a mask made of gold in Pune costing Rs lakh, now, a jeweller from Surat produced masks adorned with diamonds which cost anything between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 4 lakh each.
For the last one month, the jewellery store in Surat has been manufacturing and selling face masks made of gold, silver, diamonds and even American diamonds. The masks are embellished with lines of jewels in several owner Deepak Choksi said that he chanced upon the idea of making diamond masks after a customer placed an order for it. “Recently, we had a customer who bought jewellery for his wedding scheduled after a few days. He asked us to make a mask for him that would match with his outfit at the wedding ceremony. We discussed the plan with our designer and got it customised after which our customer bought,” Choksi said, adding that masks made of gold, adorned with American diamonds, are sold for Rs lakh each. Gold and white gold masks with diamonds are sold for Rs 4 lakh each.
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