Farmers Protests Update | 3 Suggestions For BOTH Protesters And Government

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Farmers have launched their Dilli Chalo march to protest against the latest farm bills passed by the Modi govt. However, these protests are developing similar trends to the anti-CAA protests and the discourse after the abrogation of article 370.

Some radical Leftist and Khalistani elements are infiltrating these protests, trying to exploit the fear and misinformation in these protests. They say that the BJP Govt does not want to listen to their concerns. These elements are encouraging extremism and violence. The global Khalistani Ecosystem is also mobilizing behind these protests. The protesters must condemn these elements.

On the part of the government, it's irresponsible to paint all of the protests as "Khalistanis". It's also important for the government not to outright discredit the farmers, but to communicate its plans correctly and understand the fear and plight of these farmers.

I outline 3 recommendations each for the protesters and the government to bring these protests to a peaceful conclusion.

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