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Learn how to make the breathe easy mask.
Want to wear a breathe easy mask? Your'e in the right mask video.
Add a bit of boning or zip ties to give you more breathing room in your mask.
With slight modifications- you will be well on your way to breathe (ing) easy.
This "breathe easy mask" is very easy to sew.

Supply List For The Breathe Easy Mask
1 Breathe Easy Pattern (link just below this list)(One size fits most-it's design is bigger)
1 outer fabric (100% cotton) 14" x 8"
1 Inner fabric (100% cotton) 14" x 8"
1 piece Polypropylene "sew in filter 7" x 8"
1 Zip Tie (or boning) 1/4” wide cut to fit -8" cut to fit
1 piece 4" rust free wire
1 piece 1/4" thick foam at 5" long (1/4" to 3/4" in width) link to pre cut foam below
heat bond/stitch witchery strips (approximately 15" or so
1 piece scrap fabric for nose piece are " x "

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Link to kit-white poly filter material/foam/wire/zip ties

Buy white sew in polypropylene with nose foam from me here-

Buy 1 yard pieces of COMFORT ELASTIC I use-

The fabric I used in the video today is made by Lecien/ Durham fabrics “shabby cottage” dusty blue.

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