Is this the BEST PvE DAGGER EVER?!

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Hello everyone, in this series I bring you along with me into Tier 8 Solo Dungeons wearing Tier 5 gear. The point of this is to really bring a challenge to the dungeons and show some of the new players that you do not NEED decked out gear to do these dungeons just the right amount of TESTOSTERONE!

Oxydize takes you, an albion online beginner player, on an incredible journey through a tier 8 dungeon with only tier 5 gear. I will talk about strategy, builds, life, reactions, anecdotes, and just have a casual conversation with you. Don't be afraid to talk back and enjoy yourself. This video is meant for new and veteran albion online players alike!

Disclaimer: I know doing this is not efficient nor smart, but it's fun and informative!

Bridled Fury
Thetford Cape
Guardian Helmet
Stalker Jacket
Scholar Sandals

Twitter: @Oxydied

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