Japan: Yokohama unveils Mask Land exhibition in time for Christmas

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The Tokyo Mask Land exhibition was unveiled in Yokohama, as seen on Tuesday.

Featuring a huge range of masks, and plenty of opportunities for festival selfies with Father Christmas, who is also sporting a mask, the first day of the exhibition proved to be a hit amongst visitors.

President of the company STARS Inc, which organised the pop-up event, Tomohiro Oike, said the aim of the exhibition is to offer "new" and "unusual" encounters with masks, which have recently become the mainstream, thanks to coronavirus.

Scores of masks on display, as well as mask cleaning products, could be seen in footage.

Tomohir said there were over 250 types of mask on sale at the exhibition.

​"The highest price of masks sold at Tokyo Mask Land is 1 million yen ($9,578, €7,955) which is a mask made with gold powder," Tomohir added.

Visitors also have the opportunity to create their own masks at the exhibition, which is open for a month.

Japan is currently facing a third wave, with the number of seriously ill patients reaching a record high since the beginning of the pandemic. Many fear that the virus is driving a new suicide trend.
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