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This Randomizer shuffles literally EVERYTHING. All main items, all masks, all heart pieces, all shop items, all tingles maps, all dungeon items, all songs, all fairy rewards, ALL STRAY FAIRIES, ALL SKULTULLA TOKENS, DUNGEON ENTRANCES, bottle contents, and all over world small treasure chests. Even mundane rewards are randomized. This also includes moon items! The ultimate challenge.

There is NO logic used. Logic is what a regular randomizer uses so that all shuffled items can be obtainable without the player getting stuck. No Logic means items are shuffled with no regard to attainability, which means there's a chance items could be placed in an unobtainable location making the game impossible to complete.

Since this is NO LOGIC we did MAX completion. This is where we aim to complete the randomizer and exhaust all possible resources and items until nothing else can be done and the player is truly stuck.

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