Mask Mandate, Fines, & Lockdown Coming | FDA Commissioner (Former)

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Former FDA Commission Dr. Scott Gottlieb released a piece in the WSJ called: Winter is Coming: Time for a Mask Mandate and he was also just interviewed on CNBC about this. He stated that France has seen exponential growth with over 52,000 cases and Italy with over 21,000 cases - Italian is now closing down bars and restaurants at 6pm and he stated we are on pace to eclipse spring hospitalizations in the the United States. Currently, we are at 42,000 hospitalizations on Saturday, which is up from 30,000 a month ago. Some states like Wisconsin and Utah are even setting up field hospitals AND This comes as Dr. SCott Gottlieb says hospital admission criteria has become more strict - that is, hospitals are sending more people home to recover at home. And despite this, hospitalizations are up substantially. Now Dr. Scott Gottlieb does say that there’s no support for a full stay at home style lockdown, he recommends a few things: One: closing bars and restaurants and areas that may see spread faster AND he stated that wearing a mask can help a lot. He states that masks should become a social and cultural normal, not a political statement. Instead, masks should be like “no shoes no service” expect “no mask no service.” Kind of like we cleanup after our dogs when they do their business, we should mask up. Now he acknowledges that wearing a mask is mostly to protect others. He says cloth masks help protect us with only about 10-30% effectiveness. But they do a great job at trapping many droplets from our breath that could spread particles. He instead recommends that if we want greater protection, we consider a level 2-3 surgical mask which can be about 60% effective, or an n95 if we want 90+% effectiveness. I made a video about this by the way 2 days ago and showed you some masks that give you over 99% efficacy - these are respirators and these are pretty inexpensive. You can get some for as little as $13-20 dollars.

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