Microsoft OneNote for iPad Tutorial 2020

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This video is a tutorial on how to use Microsoft OneNote on the iPad. See below for the time stamps to find what is discussed in this tutorial.

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Time stamps:
0:00-0:49 - Intro
0:49-3:00 App Settings: Signing In & Out/Add Cloud Storage/Today Widget/Default Font and Size/Turn off Autocapitalise/New Page Location
3:00-3:40 OneNote Structure: Notebooks/Sections/Pages
3:40-4:03 UI Overview
4:03-5:18 Create/Edit/Close a Notebook
5:18-6:03 Create/Edit/Move/Copy/Delete/Lock a Section
6:03-6:26 Create/Move/Copy Delete a Page
6:26-6:50 Change Paper Colour/Paper Style
6:50-7:33 Typing and Moving Notes
7:33-7:43 Undo/Redo
7:43-8:15 Selecting Text/Cut/Copy/Paste Text/Copy to Sticky Notes
8:15-9:17 Change Font and Size/Bold/Italic/Underline/Strikethrough/Text Colour/Highlight Colour
9:17-9:45 Bullet Points and Numbered Lists
9:45-10:27 Indenting Text/Text Alignment/Text Styles
10:27-11:48 Tags: Checkboxes (To Do)/Stars/Question marks/Definitions/Addresses/Reminders etc
11:48-12:40 Creating and Editing a Table
12:40-14:55 Inserting an Image/Cropping/Rotating/Optimising/Set as Background/Take a Picture
14:55-15:04 Recording Audio
15:04-15:43 Inserting Documents
15:43-16:11 Inserting PDF Documents
16:11-17:06 Insert Hyperlinks/Equations/Date/Meeting Details
17:06-17:52 Drawing: Text Mode/Lasso Select/Insert Space
17:52-18:55 Pen Tools/Eraser
18:55-19:50 Insert Shapes
19:50-20:23 Ink to Shape Mode
20:23-20:43 Drawing Mode/Stylus Orientation
20:43-20:59 Hide Section List/Show or Hide Spelling Errors
20:59-22:26 Immersive Reader Mode: Text Formatting/Spacing/Syllable Splitting/Computerised Playback and Settings
22:26-23:08 Zoom
23:08-23:25 Password Protection/Check Accessibility
23:25-23:46 Class Notebook (Quick Look)
23:46-24:14 Sharing/Inviting
24:14-25:34 Sending Copy of Page/Printing/Convert to PDF
25:34-25:56 Search
25:56-27:03 Outro

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