Next iPad Mini 2021, 6th generation design, specs, release date and price - Holiday playful episode

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Next iPad Mini 2021, 6th generation design, specs, release date and price. Everything you need to know about the upcoming iPad Mini 6th gen. According to leaks, the next iPad mini 6 launch could happen in March. Check out Digital Markings video about the future Apple GPUs:

We had multiple confirmations about possible design of the next gen mini iPad. However, will it just be narrow bezels or it will also showcase new Mini LED technology, it's uncertain. Rumors suggest that iPad Mini 6th generation will come with A14 bionic as well as with the memory bump to 4GB. Get all the details in this Santa edition. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays.

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0:00 Chapter 1: Introduction into Holidays episode!
1:35 Chapter 2: iPad Mini 6 new specs confirmed?
2:48 Chapter 3: Display size and Mini LED?
4:22 Chapter 4: Lightning or USB-C port, Magic keyboard for Mini?
5:00 Chapter 5: iPad Mini 6th generation release date and
5:33 Chapter 6: Closure and Happy holidays :)

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