One UI 2.1/Android 10 for Galaxy Tab S4 | Top New Changes!

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The One UI 10 update finally dropped for the Wi-Fi version of the Tab S4 in the , as well as other countries, and now we gotta go over the most important changes that came with it.

▶ Tab S4 One UI Reddit mega-thread:

▶ Download the Rounded Corner app on the Play Store

--- Video links ---
Everything that's new in the Daily Board update:
One UI vs One UI 2:

-- Timestamps --
0:00 - Intro
1:57 - No rounded software corners
4:19 - No multi-window tray
4:56 - No new wallpapers
5:09 - No new ringtones or notification sounds
5:19 - New app animations
5:36 - New recent apps screen
5:45 - Notifications appear based on where you swipe down on the screen
6:03 - Better dark mode support for apps
6:31 - New stock Android gestures
7:27 - New Android 10 exclusive Daily Board update is here
8:00 - More ways to turn off your Galaxy Tab
8:36 - Media & Devices replaces SmartThings Panel
9:29 - New always-on battery percentage
10:06 - New slightly modified Intelligent Scan message when you cover the sensor
10:50 - New DeX mode animations and functionality
12:14 - One UI much-improved speed and overall smoothness of the OS
13:28 - VP9 codec is no longer supported with One UI
14:14 - Outro
15:04 - Quick statement about battery life on One UI
15:13 - Outro (end cards)

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