Steam Powered Giraffe Animatic Cartoon - Ice Cream Social

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An animatic cartoon created by the band featuring the robot The Spine, Rabbit, and Zer0!
What crazy shenanigans will they get up to in "Ice Cream Social"?!

All the art and animation was done by Gabi Gonzalez, who has done tons of art for the band over the years! Check out more of her art, prosthetic work, and creature creations here on social media!:

Art and Animation by
Gabi Gonzalez

Written and Audio Edited by
David Michael Bennett

Rabbit Voice by
Isabella Bunny Bennett

The Spine Voice by
David Michael Bennett

Zer0's Voice by
Bryan Barbarin

Ice Cream Voices by
Camille Penyak, Chelsea Penyak, & David Michael Bennett

Thanks for watching you all! Consider checking out and supporting the band on our Patreon!
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