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This is just a mod! The events in the video are not official. They are fan made. I had used an older build to make the mod. I was initially going to make a matchmaking video for all the 4 Student Council members but then I decided to do it like this. First I showed how Ayano met the boys, followed by the couples talking and interacting. Next I put the confessions and what happens after the confessions. I tried to make the interactions near the fountain look more like the matchmaking scene but unfortunately it didn't turn out like that XD But it looks decent :D

Ayano doesn't date all the guys at once. The matchmaking video and shipping videos involving Ayano are more like in the style of an otome game/reverse harem anime. In otome games, several male characters fall in love with the main character. Each male character has separate routes. In In those games, you can usually choose any available route and play.

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Pose mod was used when making this mod. Pose mod belongs to kgftbz ()

Music used in this video:

In The Throes by Asher Fulero ()

Invisible Beauty by Aakash Gandhi ()

The Day I Met Her by Esther Abrami ()

Drops of Earth by Aakash Gandhi ()

School day 1 and 2 by Only Wednesday ()
Link to Schoolday 1:
Link to Schoolday 2:

Schoolday 4 by Jayden Washi

Schoolday 8 by Ferret Entertainment

Ayano's Old Bedroom Theme - Both Day and Night Versions by ??? (I don't know who composed this beautiful theme :'( If anyone knows, please tell me.)

The music used at the beginning and end of this video:
Track: Koven x ROY - About Me [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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