Tech Armor Ballistic Glass iPad Pro Review

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So the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass is the first glass screen protector I’ve used on my iPad. My entire experience with this product can be summed up in in these words:

It’s oddly smooth…

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At MREH, Monty and I base our reviews on actual usage. And then some. Also, breaking glass is fun?

When it comes to most of the products that I review, I go out and I buy it. And the only reason why I choose a Tech Armor was because their Apple Watch screen protector wasn’t terrible. It came close to being a recommended product BUT I had an issue with the adhesive. Check that video out for the full story.

And this iPad screen protector is the reason why I went and bought their Privacy screen protector. Just to see if that’s any good.

The Tech Armor Ballistic Glass is decent. Now I’m a little restrained in saying that it’s great because this is the first glass screen protector I’ve used on my iPad. I’m no stranger to screen protectors but I’m keeping an open mind when for the iPad.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to talk about the design of the production, the functionality of my iPad under the glass and then figure out how tough it is by being terrible to it.

The Ballistic Glass is supposedly made from 9H tempered. This is a case friendly screen protector as the edges do not cover the entire glass face of the iPad.

The corners of the screen protector look like the are slightly larger than the rest of the edges and I’m not sure why that is. There’s a cutout for the front facing laser camera so FaceID works fine. The screen isn’t that thick BUT you will notice the screen protector on your iPad IF you’re using it with a case with a magnetic cover. The edges of the product are quite notcieable. They’re nice but noticeable as you can definitely feel the gap between rounded edge and the sharper edge of the iPad.

I didn’t have any issues with the adhesive during install though this corner didn’t fare awell after I tried putting on a UAG case for a few minutes. From my experience with Apple Watch and iPhone screen protectors, products that peel like this usually indicate poor adhesive. BUT again, first iPad screen protector so maybe the situation is different. I’ll get that all fleshed out when I do my first roundup video.

Installation of the product was slightly above average as Tech Armor does provide two suction cups that help with setting the glass in place but even my best attempt resulted in an uneven install.

When it comes to the oleophobic coating, as I said at the beginning of the video, this piece of glass is super smooth. For me, it was almost too smooth. It really threw my COD Mobile gaming off as my fingers were sliding too far and I’d always miss.

Now I thought it was because the coating was super strong but after 3 weeks of usage, the coating where I mash my thumbs against the screen has been reduced. In order to see this in action, I did a bunch of water droplet tests and you can see the worn area at the top of the iPad doesn’t allow the water droplets to roll off easily.

When it comes to clarity, one of the things that I noticed when using a screen protector with an iPad is that the hazing of the screen is very noticeable when compared to an iPhone. This is most obvious when I take the screen protector off the iPad. The background of the iPad is a deep black whereas it’s noticeably not black on the screen protector.

Now, is this going to be an issue for most people? No. But if you’re doing anything that requires color work, this might matter as the image that you’re viewing may not be what you want.

I had no issues with the sensitivity of the screen. Fingers worked well, Apple Pencil worked well BUT because I hate writing on glass, I found myself using the Pencil less, especially after how much I used when I had a paper like screen protector on it.

So after all that, how tough is this piece of glass? It’s marketed as a piece of multi-layered 9H glass so it’s going to do great against your 9H pencil. But how does it compare against Moh’s H’s? Check the video to see where it sits?

And the impact? Same deal, check the video!

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