The NEW Modern Warfare UPDATE, Cold War NUKE Mode LEAKED, & MORE!

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Here’s what changed in the NEW Modern Warfare UPDATE, the LEAKED NUKE Mode in Black Ops Cold War, & More!
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In this video, we're breaking down all the MAJOR Changes in the NEW Modern Warfare UPDATE, the leaked NUKE Mode in Black Ops Cold War, & More! Today Call of Duty Modern Warfare got another update which added in some new modes for Multiplayer and COD WARZONE and Black Ops Cold War had a new NUKE mode leaked called dropkick and also got a huge change to the XP Rate for Weapons and overall rank. Both COD titles, COD MW and Cod Black Ops Cold War ended up getting some updates this week, but next week is where things will really begin to get interesting as we’re going to see some big changes to WARZONE, Cold War, and Modern Warfare with the Season 1 update!

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