Wednesday night tropical update: Paulette, Rene and some waves in the Atlantic

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Paulette could impact Bermuda by early next week and Rene will likely not impact land at all. So our two named systems pose no threat to our area at all. A wave which will emerge off of Africa is forecast to develop into our next named storm, Sally. Of course there exists a great deal of uncertainty with its future. Yesterday I mentioned models indicated this system *could* reach the Caribbean by late next week. Then later model runs forecasted the storm to stay out of the Caribbean. Now the model guidance suggests the system will remain in the eastern Atlantic. The point is anyone showing model output 10+ days out without the caveat that "...this is no where near " is simply trying to hype the weather. I always hesitate ever showing models 10+ days out and especially for a cluster of storms STILL OVER AFRICA! However, once others post on social media, I find it necessary to quell fears and uncertainty. What we do know is there are currently no threats in the Gulf and short-range guidance, 3 to 5 days indicate no such worries. Thursday is the climatological peak of hurricane season. One day at a time.

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