What is subnetting ? How subnetting works ? What is subnet mask? | Explained with real-life exmples

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What is subnetting? How subnetting works? What is a subnet mask | A Networking Lesson For Everyone
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1:07 - a quick recap on IPv4
4:26 - Subnetting explained with real life example
8:30 - Basic fundamentals of subnetting
19:27 - Exercise 1 - How to find subnet mask, network id, broadcast id
23:52 - Exercise 2 - How to create 10 subnets from 1 network

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In this video, we will learn one of the most asked concepts of networking subnetting. Thank you subscribers for so many requests to make a video on this subject.

Subnetting is simple it's a method to subdivide your current network into multiple subnetworks so that you can utilize your network bandwidth efficiently.

This video is a perfect starting point for you if you want to learn about subnetting, subnet mask, CIDR range, network id, broadcast id. How subnetting really works and how you could create subnets on your own.

This video along with previous ones on the OSI model and IP addressing would build your strong fundamentals in networking.

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